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Join us!

The products are good. The Tupperware lifestyle is unbelievable.


Are you interested in the Tupperware way of life or just curious to know how to join? Let us introduce you to all the Tupperware career opportunities that await you.

Who can join?

Women and men who are passionate about life. 

No need to be a culinary chef or a top-notch negotiator. Whether you need a little extra cash or want to build a lasting career, Tupperware parties can take you there.

What Does a Tupperware Consultant Do?

A Tupperware consultant earns money by demonstrating quick, delicious recipes using a selection of Tupperware products that make it all so easy.

These Culinary workshops take place at hosts’ home and are called Tupperware Parties. It’s that simple. Both the hosts and the guests have fun and enjoy a pleasant moment together.

Why joining us?

People join Tupperware for all sorts of reasons – from saving for a new home, to complete career changes, or simply adding a little extra income to the family.

We call that your ‘why’ (and everyone has one!).Whatever your ‘why’, Tupperware can offer you the opportunity to work how you want, when you want, towards whatever goals you may have.

Once you start with Tupperware, a self-promoting career path opens up to you.

As you progress, you can step up to Managerial positions, expanding your business and earning potential.
The higher you progress, the greater the rewards. It's not just a new job. It's a new business and lifestyle you'll love, including:

  • No upfront costs to get started
  • Flexible working hours. Become your own boss!
  • Training and mentorship
  • Rewards, fun and recognition
  • A supportive network of like-minded, passionate people

If you’re ready or still just curious, get in touch with us now!