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Confidence Becomes You

Confidence isn’t something money can buy.

Confidence isn’t something you can buy or sell. It’s something you discover in yourself. At Tupperware, we believe that confidence is a beautiful thing, and it often comes with the feeling of being both supported and understood. That’s why we’ve made it our business to empower women all over the world to become their best selves by giving them the confidence to succeed with the conviction that someone’s got their back.

Confidence is a core attribute of the brand’s heritage, benefit and vision for the future. Confidence is a powerful human attribute to own. It transcends age, generations, culture and language and there is much white space around this idea – once Tupperware claims it, the signature establishes a competitive advantage and stops other brands from talking in those terms.

Becomes implies both a journey to feeling confident and the experience of confidence, which reflects the journey that many experience when they interact with us. Whether it’s learning something new through
our products or parties, or the life changing moments many of you experience.

You. Here we are speaking directly to the world at large which is powerful, personal and engaging.

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