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Clara & Katherina Flynn

Hi, our names are Clara & Katherina and we started with Tupperware Ireland over 2 years ago. We grew up with Tupperware as one of our Aunts was a demonstrator in the 1980's it would of been a product we were familiar with. 

Our favourite thing apart from the product is when we do a party and a host or guest says that they remember Tupperware from a Grandmothers, aunts or Mums house and they still have Tupperware from 30 years ago .

When we started demonstrating the Tupperware products we just couldn't believe the versatility of products and how time and money saving there were around the kitchen. This gave us a great passion for endorsing the Tupperware Brand and its products with all our hostess's and guests. 

 We believe that the party plan is the best way to deliver this outstanding product. On behalf of all our demonstrators we look forward to hosting your next Tupperware Party. 

Where will your Tupperware Party take you?