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How to Buy

You invite the people, we supply the fun! Book a party today.

Time to Party!


The bigger the Party, the bigger the gift!

Get friends and family together for a party where they’ll have fun while learning and sharing new things.
Maybe they’ll discover a new recipe.
Maybe they’ll pick up a tip or technique they never saw before. And you’ll get something out of it, too.
Like free, classic Tupperware gifts.
Be a part of the party while our Tupperware consultant leads the way.

To find one Tupperware Consultant and make a Party booking or place an order, please contact our Distributor.


How can I book a Party?


  1. Get in touch with our of our Tupperware Consultants
  2. Book a Party: decide on time, date and location, define together the theme of your party
  3. Invite the people, we supply the fun!


Be our Host!

By hosting a Tupperware Party, you become a Tupperware Host/Hostess. This offers many privileges.

  • Choose the theme of your Party: whether you and your guests are interested in smart and quick microwave cooking, vegan recipes, home made bread, cakes and cookies or ideas for breakfast...and much more, your Tupperware Consultant will propose matching products and recipes
  • Access our special Hostess Reward Program: with Tupperware, hosting a Party is all about rewards for our Hosts. You choose your own rewards!

How will Your Party look like?

  1. Together with your guests and your Tupperware Consultant, you will cook a recipe of your choice to see for yourself how well the Tupperware products work. All the guests can look, hold and use the products and ask the Consultant any questions.
  2. Your Tupperware Consultant will talk about the Tupperware products, highlight their features and specific benefits, give tips and advice on how to use them. 
  3. If the guests wish to order, the Consultant will collect the orders at the party and deliver the products.

Book or Order now!

Want to know more about Tupperware products? Host a party or order products?
Get in touch!


Hostess Reward Program

We believe you should get more out of dating.
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Join us!

Once you see how much your Consultant loves partying for a living, you may even want to take it to the next level ...
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